My name is Olivier ST-Pierre

I design and code WordPress Websites (and other stuff).

Vancouver, BC

Sustainable Cities International

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Sustainable Cities International (SCI) works with cities around the world to bring about change towards urban sustainability. The new website of Sustainable Cities is build on WordPress and use a custom theme. Some requests of the client were a website that is easy to navigate, a simple modern look and a responsive layout. All the main sections of their website can easily be modify through the back-end, see below some examples.

  • UI Design
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Responsive
  • Development strategy
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some features

The project module makes it easy to create a new project.

The homepage back-end allow the administrator to put a new video and change the description.

In the partners page, the administrator can add two different sections: a title to start a new group of partners and actual partners below each titles.